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Wudang Wei Taiji Quan is the first Taiji Form our students learn. It is a good form to get into the Wudang Taiji Style. 9 complex movments include the 13 Principles of Wudang Taiji Quan, “Peng, Lv, Ji, An, Cai, Lie, Zhou and Kao are the 8 Energies (8 Trigramms); Jin, Tui, Zuo, You and Zhong  (5 Elements).

The course teaches Basics Stepping, Hand- and Body Movements and the Wei Taiji Form with detailed explaination.

Includes: Tai Chi LEVEL 2 – Wei Taiji Quan Course

Lenght: aprox. 1h

After booking the course you will get a DOWNLOAD LINK per Email.


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