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Wudang Archives – Tai Chi LEVEL 1 – 18 Wudang Taiji Basics

Wudang is the birthplace of Taiji Quan. Zhang San Feng created the 13 Principles of Wudang Taiji Quan, “Peng, Lv, Ji, An, Cai, Lie, Zhou and Kao are the 8 Energies (8 Trigramms); Jin, Tui, Zuo, You and Zhong  (5 Elements).

The 18 Taiji Basics are part of the ONE-Foundation Program and include movements and techniques-sequences of the Wudang Taiji System. Simple to learn exercises helping to develop a great foundation for your Taiji practice.

The course teaches the 5 Element Stepping, 8 Energies and 13 Priciples of Wudang Taiji Quan.

Includes: Tai Chi LEVEL 1 –  18 Wudang Taiji Basics  + one 1on1 Online “1on1 Session”

After booking the course you will get a DOWNLOAD LINK per Email.


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